5 Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

5 Foods to Avoid with DiabetesOur food choices greatly influence our health. The food choices that we make can affect us in both ways like if we make good food choices, we can add much to our health and at the same time, if we do not make good food choices, we ruin our health. Especially, when a person is suffering from illness, food choices can help us or ruin us. Having diabetes does not mean that we need to love with starvation or stress. We can make adequate and healthy food choices in order to do away with the diabetes or to lessen its consequences.

Having this information on hand, some foods are really bad for our health, when we are suffering from diabetes. Everyone suffering from diabetes needs to limit or avoid such foods that can affect their health negatively.

So, here we have compiled a list of the top 5 foods that you need to avoid of you are suffering from silent killer, diabetes.

Think Twice Before Eating These Foods:

Not only for diabetics, there are some general guidelines for healthy eating that can help us to make healthy food choices. Because some foods are high in saturated fats, minerals, calories and carbs, so these foods must be avoided in order to gain good health. So, here we have picked the foods that must be limited in Diabetes.

  1. White Rice:

Well, you might consider rice to be a healthy food choice for you, but actually it not, especially when you have diabetes. Even if you do not have diabetes, eating white rice can add to your risk of being diabetic somewhere in your life. The reason behind the fact is that, white rice is having lots of carbs that can cause the rise of blood sugar in your body. Instead of white rice, you can go with brown or wild rice, these helps to slow the rush of glucose into your blood stream.

  1. Coffees:

This choice might be very difficult for most of the people, but nothing is more important than to your health. Blended coffees that are laced up with sugar, creams and syrups have tons of calories that would not be good for your blood glucose levels. Having this instead, you can go with some lighter version of non- caffeinated healthy drinks that can help you with your diabetes.

  1. Banana and Melon:

You might have heard that adding fruits to your diet can help you to lower your blood glucose because of the fact that they are rich in dietary fibers. This fact is true but not for bananas and melons. This because these two fruits contains lots of sugar and cause your weight gain. Weight gain in diabetes is completely undesirable. So you can go with fruits like apples, blueberries in order to lower your sugar levels.

  1. Smoothies:

Smoothies, especially the one made from fruit sounds like healthy refreshment. It is but not for diabetics. A large glass of fruit smoothie, no matter which fruit it contains, can have as much as 510 calories and they are loaded with sugar.

  1. Battered Dinners:

Well, no matter which thing you are going to be in your dinner, the battered one surely can be a fatty disaster. Either you are battering some fish or chicken, they must be avoided. Method of preparations matters a lot. Battered dinners can contain calories up to 1300. Instead you can go with steamed dinners with some sautéed vegies.