Different kinds of back pain

Let’s know about different kinds of back pain;

Aches in the back are most regular in the lower back area, also known as lumbago. However, the pain can be experienced at any given place, along the spine, up from the neck down to the hips.

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It is also wise to get informed about neck pain and shoulder pain, covered apart from each other .
Occasionally back problems can be created by an injury, even a disease. Here are some notable examples, you should be aware of:
whiplash – neck damage produced by a sudden strike.
• ankylosing spondylitis – an extensive condition, that causes rigidity feel and aches, throughout the area where the pelvis and spine meet.
A slipped disc – occurring once the discs in the spine are hurt and provoke pressure on the nerves.
Sciatica – Pain caused by the contraction the sciatic nerve, which is the cause of aches, irritation and numbness, throughout one leg.
Frozen shoulder – Infection and redness in the shoulder area, causing pain and inflammation around the shoulder that causes pain and a stiff and rigor feeling
during the rest of our text, we will be mostly concentrating our attention, on the pain in the back that does not have an evident reason for being there. A term often used by doctors, to name this condition is non-specific back pain.


In most cases, back aches improve by themselves and often you do not have to visit the doctor.

If you suffer from pain in the back a couple of days or week already, we recommend to take up the following hints and advice, in order to recover quickly and free yourself of the symptoms, you may have:
• An important thing is to be physically active and try to continue your normal business.
• It is even not so bad to use some painkillers, for examples like paracetamol or ibuprofen, if you really have a need to.
• Hot or cold compression packs are very useful. These can be purchased at your local pharmacy if for some reason you cannot buy them, just as well doable would be a hot water bottle and a bag of frozen vegetables.

It is also suggested to stay maximally positive, no matter how this may hard seem during pain because during some therapies this has often proven as a fast-recovery method.
In most frequent situation back aches improve by themselves and often you do not have to visit the doctor.

If the pain in the back has not improved over a period of approximately 6 weeks, it would be wise to visit a GP, who can professionally advise you for available recovery.

Some of these recoveries might be:

  • Manual therapy – such as physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathy
  • More powerful painkillers
  • To take up special exercises, which are taught in classes specifically designed to improve posture and to increase your muscle strength
  • Ask for advice and help at a specialist pain clinic
  • Acupunctureis also frequently advised

Start counselling likecognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)